*Rules: Please Read*

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*Rules: Please Read*

Post by Sylvy on Fri Dec 06, 2013 2:22 am

Basically, just keep it clean. I don't think we have to tell you guys what to do ^.^

I'll list a couple, any of the other guardians/ council can edit this as they please.

1. Please keep Spam in Off Topic
2. Don't double post - This will be considered spam, and your posts will be merged by a member of the staff.
3. Keep the language clean - We do have youngsters here, believe it or not.
4. Respect each other - No fighting between members.
5. No flaming - Don't talk down about other guilds. We're all one community supporting Feng's game.
6. Only 2 siggies allowed per account! - Not everyone has fast internet. Please keep it restricted to two for others to load the forums.


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